2011 brings a flood of creativity

2011 is off to a wet start.
The Clarence River has just receded from the January floods and when i gaze out the window I can see the landscape how I remembered it before it was inundated with water just a week ago. This is the landscape that I live and breath, this is the landscape that makes me the person that I am, this is the landscape where my story is contained.

I was told recently that it rains heavily after one of our Aboriginal community elders passes away. The rain is intended to help their body lay at peace in their new resting place. When I think about other past floods we have had, I can say this statement holds true.

I have always believed that with flooding comes a sense of cleansing, cleansing of the land and a cleansing of the people. The flowing water washes away part of the history that has choked the landscape for many years. Some of this history is good and some of it is bad. Whatever the reason, all histories deserve to be remembered.

2011 will be a big year, for myself and my community.
Not only will I be working hard in the studio, I will also be working alongside some of the Yaegl Elders to help them document their story in a small scale publication which can then be used as a valuable resource for the community. I believe the stories of our elders are priceless and need to be documented before it is too late.
This project will commence in February 2011 and will be officially launched during NAIDOC Week in July 2011.

Please keep checking back for updates on the project;
All the best for 2011!


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