‘175’ Exhibition Opening Friday 3 December 6pm, Barratt Galleries, Alstonville NSW

Having spent the last 2 months in China I was in awe of the landscape and gorges that surround the Yangtze River. When I learnt about the 175m rise of the river, I was lost for words, trying to comprehend the amount of history that had been lost seemed almost impossible. Around 1.27million people have been relocated due to the Three Gorges Dam project.

Being a Yaegl woman from Maclean on the Clarence River in Australia, I can only imagine the huge sense of displacement the people living in villages along the banks of the Yangtze must have felt when told the river will rise and your homes will be underwater, you must be relocated. 175 is a new body of work reflecting on the recent rise of the Yangtze River, China.

Being Australian you can’t even begin to imagine the impact such a large scale project would have on the people affected and the natural landscape. Villages have been lost, nature has been manipulated, stories have disappeared, and history has been flooded.

A few years after the creation of the Three Rivers Dam, everything seems to be in order, but I question how long will this actually last. If anything were to happen in the future I wouldn’t like to think how many more million people could be affected.


Frances Belle Parker, October 2010

Please feel free to join me for the opening or to pass this on to people who may be interested!



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