Andorra International Art Camp 2010

Participants of Art Camp Ordino 2010

Art Camp Ordino 2010

Art Camp Ordino 2010

Participants of Art Camp Ordino 2010

From 18 July – 29 July 2010, forty artists from all over the world gathered in the small town of Ordino, Andorra to participate in the 2nd International Art Camp. I was fortunate to be selected as the Australian representative.

Some of the other countries represented were, Andorra, Austria, Burkina Faso, Spain, Portugal, Mozambique, Indonesia, The Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kuwait, Germany, France, Mauritania, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Haiti, Cambodia, Seychelles and Jamaica (sorry if i’ve forgotten any).

The Art Camp was an amazing experience, not everyone spoke the same languages but we all seemed to be able to understand each other through the common language of our art. I found myself having conversations using only my eyes and facial expressions, these conversations may have taken a bit longer than usual but I was determined to understand the other artists.

The program for the art camp involved time creating artworks for the final exhibition and 3 works we could donate to UNESCO Andorra. I originally wanted to create work depicting a contrast between the landscape I am familiar with now (Yaegl landscape) and the new foreign landscape I was experiencing in Andorra. Although I managed to portray both landscapes in one of my earlier paintings, I found myself being lead by my own style of art and ended up portraying works and imagery that distinctly represent who I am.

I know that the experience I had in Andorra will somehow help shape and form a selection of the works I will create in the future, I’m not sure how just yet, but I have a feeling it will.

I must thank Aris for putting my name forward to participate in this project, Sumra for doing all the leg work in helping us get to Andorra, Jean-Michel for all your hard work and the passion you had of making this a reality, Faust for your amazing curatorial skills, all the sponsors involved in the 2010 Art Camp, UNESCO Australia for assistance with my travel, and a massive big thank you to all the artists involved, you have each enriched my experience in Andorra- i’m sure we’ll be in touch.

Work created in Andorra, July 2010

Work created in Andorra, July 2010

Work created in Andorra, July 2010

Work created in Andorra, July 2010

Work created in Andorra, July 2010

Work created in Andorra, July 2010

MANIFEST ART CAMP, « Colors for the Planet », Ordino 2010

We the artists of the World, state the following:

We join with the General Assembly of the United Nations, author of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in proclaiming 2010 the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.

We adhere to the objectives of making the characteristic features of our etnographic reality known to the world, with respect to the other peoples of the planet and desire to learn from them.

We will use our imagination to find the right ways of rapprochement between different cultures, preserving all the diversity that enriches our human condition.

We will play a key role in building a world where the cultural differences will not be an obstacle for understanding and solidarity between the peoples that populate the Earth.

For these reasons,We the undersigned, undertake by means of artistic expression, to promote the cultural diversity that constitutes our common heritage that we must value, to preserve the Earth for the benefit of all, and to stimulate the imagination of the people to make Earth a more peaceful, healthier and fairer place for future generations.

Ms Frances Belle Parker’s participation in the UNESCO Andorran Art Camp is supported by the Commonwealth through the National Commission for UNESCO of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


2 thoughts on “Andorra International Art Camp 2010

  1. Dear Frances, I watched Message Stick with much interest. I was wondering if you could ask your mother if your family has any known connections with John Randall. He arrived in Australia with the First Fleet, as a convict. He was also a Negro, and spent much of his life here, with the Aboriginal people in the Parramatta area. He is my 9th generation grandfather, and his best friend, a West Indian,named John Atkins, married his daughter. There are known descendants buried at Casino, and I live in Lismore. It would be an interesting co incidence. I look forward to your response. Maree Thomson

    • Hi Maree,
      Thanks for your question.
      As far as I am aware I don’t think there would be a known connection. My mother’s maiden name is Randall, her father was an Aboriginal man from the Gumbaingirr Nation around Nambucca Heads, Wallace Randall. My mum’s mother’s side from the Yaegl Nation in Maclean are from the Laurie family. Maclean has a lot of Scottish heritage hence the surnames of many Aboriginal families reflecting that.
      Mum is currently in Europe, and i’m currently in China, but i’ll try to ask her when we’re both back home. Do you happen to know the names of those descendants buried in Casino? I do know of other families around Lismore area with the Randall name however they aren’t Aboriginal.


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